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Start-Up Nation Finder

  • Web product

  • UX & UI Design

  • Illustrations

  • Working side by side with the Product and the developers team


Product designer


1.5 months,

still in progress

The project

Start-Up Nation Finder™ (Finder) is a free online platform that provides in-depth information about Israeli start-ups, investors, hubs, multinational corporations and academic technologies.  It provides up to date information and insights. 
It empowers Israeli companies with exposure to millions of global visitors who are seeking meaningful partnerships with the local industry. It provides in-depth knowledge of the relationships and rapidly evolving trends in this ecosystem.
Users of Finder can search and find thousands of companies mapped, tagged and sorted into sectors and sub-sectors. Users can also find their business models, growth stages, headcount and product stages. The company creates connections and success stories by means of using Finder.


The Finder team is pushing to increase user adoption and to provide more value to its customers. As part of this activity, the team analyzed and found several challenges:

  1. Finder doesn’t contain personalized content - the content is too general and not user-specific. This also causes users not to scroll for more content though it’s part of their view.

  2. Up to date data - Recently, the company has put many efforts into publishing up to date data across its different knowledge items while the users are not aware of this.

  3. Finder enables meaningful connections - One of the biggest process changes is that the company has decided to enable users to connect to each other independently, without the help of analysts.

  4. Registered users - Users can use Finder even without signing in. when they do, Finder doesn’t provide enough added value. The Finder team wants to increase the number of registered users in order to collect more information thus providing the Finder users with more accurate and personalized value.


  1. Personalization - Adding value to registered users - when a registered user logs in, he will have a more personalized experience, data that relates to the user's interest, such as business sectors or his companies of interest. The users can also view interesting topics based on metadata such as past search activity and tagging. In addition, he will also be able to view the general ecosystem overview.

  2. Inbox -  Adding a new feature to help users connect with each other. Inbox, this new user messaging tool, may also increase success stories.

  3. Updated data awareness - Providing users with the feeling that they are viewing up to date data with the help of hierarchy changes of older components and adding new ones such as a timeline of the latest news, to the homepage.

Video - Demonstrating the Interactive User Interfaces

Watch the Demo- Animated in Principle


The Ecosystem
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The Israeli Innovation Overview - Sectors
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The Israeli Innovation Overview - Drilldown - Subsectors
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The Israeli Innovation Overview - Drilldown - Main Companies
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My Interests

My Interests Overview
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My Interests Overview - My Followed Companies Breakdown and Recent Updates
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