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  • UX & UI Design

  • Illustrations

  • Working side by side with the Product and the developers team


Product designer


6 months

The project



OP.Sign transforms how small and medium-sized companies do business, with a cutting-edge, paperless e-Signature platform.
From any mobile device, businesses can scan, send and receive documents — securely and instantaneously.

The digital signature app can be used for a range of purposes, such as signing a digital contract, NDAs, sales contracts, financial agreements, permission slips, lease agreements, and much more. This digital signature app is essential for digital signature and signature specifications in this digital globe. This e-signature works as a simple sign for document signing, and as an e-signature maker.


OP.Sign Target audience is low-tech sectors in which customers might have no technology orientation.

E-signing has not yet become routine, and often, customers are experiencing it for the first time. The signing process must be understood with regard to presenting the signed document, which the customers are acquainted with before they sign digitally.


Creating a simple, easy to navigate, clean, and efficient E- signing solution.

While taking into account the persona’s which is probably a less tech oriented individual.

Group 35.png
Track signers activity 
Group 50.png
Fill & Sign
Group 37.png
Fast tracking of signers activity out of the documents page
Group 52.png
Share Securely
Group 49.png
Organize documents in one place
Group 51.png

Back to the drawing table

After collecting user feedback, the team understood that it needed to improve the user navigation within the signing flow. The signer needed more guidance in order to complete the signature process and not to miss singing in multiple page documents.

Enter a relevant document
Group 35 Copy.png
Enter a specific page
Group 37 Copy.png
Add signing guides for signers
Group 49 Copy.png
Place signing guides
Group 50 Copy.png
Place signing guides for multiple signers
Group 51 Copy.png
Send signature requests
Group 52 Copy.png

Web responsive design

Group 35 Copy 2.png
Group 37 Copy 2.png
Group 49 Copy 2.png
iPad - Vertical
Group 35 Copy 6.png
Group 35 Copy 4.png
iPad - Horizontal
Group 35 Copy 5.png
Group 35 Copy 3.png
Web 1440 width
Group 53.png
Web 1920 width
Group 54.png


Illustrations Copy.png
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