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Product designer


4 months,

still in progress

The project

Maytronics manufactures "Dolphin", Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner. 

With the new IoT diagnosis and repair app, technicians and dealers can monitor, diagnose and are guided on how to troubleshoot and repair any issues with the robot. 


Today, when customers who own a Dolphin robot identify a malfunction, they can report to their dealers (where the Robot was purchased) or to the distributor and bring it to repair so a technician can fix it. Not all technicians are experienced and are capable of fixing malfunctions.

Currently, the technicians are using a system which according to Maytronics, is not efficient and clear and does not support all of the service and warranty processes. While the users who use the current system have the skill to fix the "Dolphins", they don't necessarily have the technical skill to navigate and use the current support system.   

Technicians do not necessarily know how to repair a problem once it's been recognized. Today the company has to spend money and manpower on customer service until the robot is fixed and returned.


With the current solution, Maytronics is missing crucial data points on the robot’s faults and repairs, since not all malfunctions are reported especially after the Dolphin's warranty is over.


In order to improve the service and collect valuable data on the robot's malfunctions, Maytronics decided to create a new solution based on IoT. Once the technician connects to the robot, he will have all the data he needs to repair and fix it. 

The technician will use a new application that I have designed which supports the diagnosis and repair flow.

As part of the design, my main assumption was that not all users are tech- oriented nor experienced in troubleshooting and repairing the Robots. Therefore, I had to find a solution for both skilled and unskilled users.

User journey

As part of the design, I first mapped the user journey flow:

Connect Diagnose and repair

Unskilled technicians are given more guidance and instructions on how to diagnose and repair robot’s malfunctions
Diagnosis - General check-up
Diagnosis and Repair - more guidance
Diagnosis and Repair - Summary drawer open
Connect using scan
Diagnosis - General check-up- more help
Robot info
Diagnosis and Repair
Diagnosis and Repair - more guidance
Faulty part
Diagnosis and Repair - Robot's testing
Robot status

Next steps

  • Maytorincs needs to collect feedback from users in order to check whether the solution provided by the app is applicable, user friendly and coincides with their workflow

  • Design for Ipads

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