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  • Web application

  • Chrom extension

  • UX & UI Design

  • Working side by side with the Product and the developers team


Product designer


3 months, still in progress

The project

Guidde aims to cover technology stack, processes, and product enablement within its internal corporate application knowledge SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution.

The Company’s goal is to make all employees productive and efficient in their day-to-day job. 

It addresses onboarding of new employees, introducing new tools and communicating process changes or new features.


  1.  End-to-End Experience design - initial idea to development. From helping to visualizing and answering the initial requirements of the customer to having actual outputs for R&D to develop.

  2. The company's go-to-market approach is to start with simpler constellations and then expand over time to support more complex ones. This concept requires the solution to be scalable and support coming modifications.

  3. Multiple personas - analyze, design, and solve main views: 

  • Subject matter expert - the user that will create and manage the videos

  • Employee / standard user- the Video Consumer

Guidde is providing playbooks for users - collaborative short training videos that include transcript tagging which can be maintained and edited. 


The product is divided into two parts:

1. Web application, which enables the subject matter expert to record, edit and maintain the playbooks. The subject matter expert can share their playbooks and also collaborate with other users in order to improve and add new valuable content.

  • Integrate Videos to Guidde - Pull existing recording from external sources such as Zoom / G-Drive into Guidde’s platform

    My Playbooks - subject matter exports can manage and organize their playbooks

  • Edit Video - Add an Intro, edit Tags, edit the video, edit the transcription 

  • Employee onboarding Performance dashboard -  Provides insights on training curve, tracking per employee/team, tracking the subject matter experts training and user’s playbook quality


2. Chrome extension, which enables functionalities for employees to interact with playbook content.

  • Smart Search for a Playbook - auto push notification for users for related playbooks

  • Request a playbook - User can send a request to a subject matter expert so that they can record a new playbook solution

  • Comment - for existing playbooks, employees may want to add further clarifications or ask questions in addition to the playbook. A commenting system that is attached to the playbook’s content


Web application

Integrate Videos to Guidde with Google Drive
Group 52.png
Manage and organize Playbooks - Card view
Group 54.png
Manage and organize Playbooks - List view
Group 55.png

Back to the drawing table

In order to push the release of the product, our studio has recommended that Guidde use the Material-UI framework. This required an implementation of the new framework into the existing design

Manage and organize Playbooks - Card view with hover state
Manage and organize Playbooks - Card view - Filter by tags
menu pressed Copy@2x.png
Manage and organize Playbooks - Card view - Search by Playbooks or Transcripts 
menu pressed@2x.jpg
Edit a Playbook - This screen below is still a work in progress :)
01.12 - Produce@2x.png
Temporary wireframe for the employee training performance dashboard - 
The dashboard has been postponed to the next release. The wireframe below will be updated accordingly.
8 copy@2x.png

Chrome extension

The screens below are still a work in progress, are not finalized in both the design and also haven’t been implemented in the Martial-UI framework.

New Playbook notification
02.01 - Search@2x.png
Search or request for a Playbook
02.04 Search@2x.png
Watch a Playbook and add posts
03.05.1 - watch@2x.png
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