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Leumi Bank

  • Web product

  • UX & UI Concept Design

  • Working side by side with Leumi team


Product designer


4 months


Leumi Bank has turned from a leader in the digital front into a bank with an out-of-date platform. 

The site presents redundant information, wrong hierarchies, unintuitive actions, does not enable customization and doesn't take into account the various personas. 

Customers complained they are missing trackers and activity logs, notifications for relevant events or actions to perform. It's also challenging to switch between bank accounts and not possible to connect to several external systems.

The bank has decided to renew the customer experience of the business customers site. 

The bank customers of today expect a simple, efficient , accessible, personal smart customer experience.

Project goals

  1. Designing an holistic and intuitive customer experience for the bank site for its business and private customers aligned with its strategic vision.

  2. To resume the bank’s leading position as the top innovator in the digital front

  3. To create a different and unique solution which isn't found in today’s banking system’s solution


  1. Creating a new standard in the market rather than aligning with the existing solutions

  2. Creating an advanced, flexible and intuitive experience which best suits the customer requirement

  3. To switch from a website development approach to a product development approach

  4. Up-to-date and relevant product for the next five years

What I did?

I took part in all the project stages: research, data architecture, design, user validations, prototyping and presenting our findings and work results to our customers.


1. Research:

  • Interviews with stakeholders in the bank and with key customers

  • Conducting study groups and reviewing relevant the bank's internal knowledge articles

The results of the research are reflected in the general concept.

2. General Concept:

  • Together with the bank we have created the main concept - The bank as an efficient working tool for its customers.

  • Switch from website development to product development

    • The bank should communicate and behave as a technological banking company

    • The Platform is a product which provides service rather than another digital touch point for the bank customers

    • The product is continuously updated with new versions based on category and data analysis 

    • Customer centric experience

Guiding Principles:

  1. One step forward 

image 2.png

3. Holistic view

image 4.png

2. Simplicity

image 3.png

4. A detailed financial view and open banking 

image 5.png

3. Design Concept:

The design concept is suited to desktop, clear and clean design, style and tone, non trendy look, relevant for the years to come.

  • Light background

  • Accurate interface components

  • Strict typography which creates hierarchy 

  • Functional color

  • Contrast, hard vs soft components

  • Controlled use of effects

4. User validation and prototyping:

Testing the visual and product perception and collecting feedback​.

Users comments:

  • Filters are missing, edit is not an options where it should

  • The customization wasn’t intuitive for the users

  • Visual - Some users requested more clear hierarchies

Back to the drawing board

Tightening the concept. We have taken into account the users and the bank's comments regarding the product’s features and visuals. Putting emphasis on clear and correct hierarchy, intuitive navigation and enabling faster actions. 

Intuitive navigation
ניווט אינטואיטיבי.png
All actions in one place
כל הפעולות במקום אחד.png
Radical simplicity with SLA tracker
פשטות רדיקלית.png
פשטות רדיקלית 2.png
Holistic and open banking approaches
תמונה מצב בנקאית הוליסטית.png
Connection to external systems
וחיבור למערכות צד ג׳.png
Content leads to content with responsive view
תוכן שמוביל לתוכן.png
Minimalistic interface
ממשק מינימליסטי.png
Aggregative overview for private customers
חוויה משלימה ללקוחות הפרטיים.png
חוויה משלימה ללקוחות הפרטיים2.png
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